Complete automated production and automated testing procedure
Vehicle Applications
Customized Lens Development

About Eterge

Eterge is formed by a group of highly professional and experienced Optical engineers. The products include vehicle, projectors, security, and customized optical lenses. As a young company, all of the products are designed by Eterge taking automation production into consideration, in order to provide a reasonable price and stable product quality.

Why Choose us?

Eterge Opto-Electronics has own complete production, testing, environmental tests, automation and tooling equipment, either spherical or aspherical lens are in consistent manufacture, which are able to provide customers high quality lens components and value for money.
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    Product and services

    Eterge Opto-Electronics and affiliated companies take the complete automated production and automated testing procedure, so that quality can be uniform, can provide customers with the most stable quality.


    Market and Proposal

    Eterge Opto-Electronics with various areas of optics design experience and achievements, including im-aging / non-imaging system, spherical / aspherical lens, we are able to provide customers instant specification simulation.

    Using more on Consumer Electronics (smart phone,Tablets ,Camera,)

    ,Vehicle Applications,Security products,Projection lens

    Vehicle Applications

    Rear view lens,car lens,cars application

    Lens Driving Recorder:

    A variety of sizes and angles tachograph lens

    AVMS lens:

    Provide IP69K,Up to 190-degree horizontal angle of various types of lenses

    Lens of tablet and smart phone

    VGA/HD front camera, 5/8/12MPix

    Consumer Electronics

    Motion camera lens

    VR AR Lens

    IP Camera Lens

    Lens,optical lens
    Rear view lens,car lens,cars application
    Rear view lens,car lens,cars application

    These are the services we offer- Consumer Electronics,Vehicle Applications,Security products,Projection lens

    Our Products

    Own complete production

    Owns complete equipment

    Customized Lens Development

    We offer customers a full range of development, design, manufacture one-stop shopping service.From Optical Components design and production,design and emitted ,electronic circuit design verification,integration of hardware and software verification,product assembly and reliability testing, all can be completed on our own factory.

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